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About GCUC

The Global Coworking Unconference Community (GCUC, pronounced “juicy”) is the largest coworking conference series in the world.

Since 2012, GCUC has brought together more than 20,000 game-changers from around the globe to share their knowledge and collaborate on the future of work. We’ve hosted over 40 conferences around the world and we’re easily the largest coworking conference series in the world. We’re experiencing unparalleled growth, just like the coworking/flex industry itself. Spoiler alert: We don’t intend to slow down, we’re just getting started.

Origin & Growth

If you’re wondering how a SXSW adjacent meetup became a global force providing resources and a-ha moments across the realms of coworking, real estate and corporate America’s concept of the workspace, keep reading. In 2012, GCUC founder Liz Elam made a bold move and invited visionaries to Austin, Texas to take to the stage and hash out some of their ideas. That group included Adam Neumann of WeWork, Benjamin Dyett of GRIND, Neal Gorenflo of Sharable and Mark Gilbreth of Liquidspace, to name a few. Over 200 people showed up to that first gathering and we’ve been actively promoting our industry ever since!

In the past year,billions of dollars have been invested in this burgeoning global megatrend. In fact, it’s growing so fast, we can’t even keep track of the number of spaces in the world. If we had to guess, we’d tell you we believe there’s 200+ percent growth taking place year over year.

The GCUC Experience

The “GCUC experience” comprises two exhilarating days full of speakers, networking, panel sessions, group dinners,tours and an exhibitor showcase. The crowd is a diverse group of people who’ve come from far and wide. We often hear that GCUC is unlike any other conference our attendees have experienced.

GCUC Canada is a place for entrepreneurs and business owners to come learn how to operate and scale a sharedworkspace business but more than that, its a community. We know there is enough business for everyone so we don’t have to compete, we can collaborate. Come prepared to be blown away by the sharing and investment we are able to pour into each other.

We are where an operator with one location can come to lean next to some of the largest operators in the world.

When we program our events, we hope that you love the content, enjoy the hospitality and we know you will walk away with actionable plans to implement but more importantly, you will find others that inspire and challenge you that you will call your friends.

That’s our secret recipe. We are shaping the future of work, together.