So what’s an ‘Unconference’ anyway?

Posted on July 26, 2016

To get the best of both worlds, GCUC Canada uses a combination of both the traditional conference and the ‘unconference’ format. The Unconference is a full day dedicated to participant driven discussions that promote peer-to-peer learning and collaboration. (Some of you may know this format as a bar camp). No unconference is the same, however the format dictates that the participants will determine which topics are most important and that they will lead these collective discussions.

Equipped with markers and a blank wall, participants are asked to suggest and post topics they’d like to explore. There is no set agenda until the conference attendees create it on the morning of the event. This leaves room for up-to-the-minute programming in response to the interests and needs within this unique group.

Some of the topics we’ve explored in the past include:

Workplace Architecture & Design
Forming Regional Coworking Associations
Space Management Technology
Building a Healthy Community
Event Programming & Additional Revenue Streams
Balancing Work & Life
Beyond Coworking – Social Impact
Succession Planning for Entrepreneurs
Small Towns & Rural Coworking

GCUC Canada organizers will help curate and pair the most popular topics to create a selection of Unconference Sessions. Times and locations are assigned and announced to the group. Participants then choose which sessions they’d like to attend and break off into smaller groups to share their ideas and expertise with other attendees.

We want all GCUC Canada participants to have a voice, to interact and to inspire one another.
We believe that everyone has something important to contribute to this conversation, whether it be about securing funding, workplace design, or building community. In a room full of industry professionals, in a city as diverse as ours, and a nation as wide as Canada, there is an abundance of knowledge that can be celebrated and shared.

We can’t wait to hear from you!