Who's Coming

Natasha Clark

I am a writer, editor, designer, and web developer who recently left my small agency to my business partner to be the community manager for the coworking space in which we operated our business. I did this because I needed work that felt more meaningful, kept me engaging with the wider community, got me out from behind a desk (super bad for my health), and that was less stressful. I strongly believe that coworking is exploding as a major trend around the world because it’s filling the need that churches used to fill (more than they currently can with membership dropping).
I decided to pursue this career change because it felt like a calling, not a job. I am inspired by the work of Peter Block, the writer of “Community: The Structure of Belonging”. My goal as a community manager—besides the basics of providing a space for productivity and professional development—is to create a welcoming space for all diversity, including points of view. More than paying lip service to inclusion through posters or bathroom signs, I strive to know each coworker well enough to find what makes them special. I work to connect them to people within and outside our community and to provide them opportunities to shine. I will feel like I’m successful when every quiet nerd feels comfortable talking with me and participates in some community activity at some point; when every conservative feels comfortable confiding in me about their views (in our very liberal community); when trans, queer, or anyone visibly different feels like they don’t stand out in our community; and when we’re operating with gender balance comparable to social statistics. If people don’t feel loved or at least cared about in my community, then I have failed. I work to create an atmosphere that sparkles with possibility and sincerity, in the hopes that this will spread to the wider community.
In short, I’m earnest AF. 😉 And I will be happy to connect with you on any topic of your choosing.