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Diane Epstein

Diane Epstein is an internationally recognized fine art photographer and a forerunner in biophilic art & design. Diane’s Fresco Photography brings nature and the cultural context into the interior space. She collaborates with designers, architects, art collectors and changemakers to create and bring a sense of well-being and community into the workspace, hospitality, education and branded environment.

Diane spent two decades in Rome, Italy where she established herself as a pioneer in Fresco Photography. She now resides in the San Francisco Bay Area, but travels widely to capture the healing power of nature, the splendor of culture and architectural form, as well as the beauty of decay and the richness of the world around us.

Here are a few of the projects she has worked on both in the US and Europe.


A Note from the Artist:

I’m curious to learn more about the design challenges and visionary goals for those designing and building coworking spaces. Beyond the traditional cubicle and open plan space where face-to-face interactions are on the decline, the latest Fresco Photography/ biophilic art that I am designing is meant to provide a sanctuary to think and create outside the box, and bring the interior space to life. With the large-scale art installations I am experimenting with a variety of adaptive materials, including eco-friendly wall coverings, panels, sliding glass doors, hanging resin walls, and flexible movable screen and room dividers to be custom designed for the coworking space. I am investigating innovative spaces and looking to collaborate with other visionaries who are part of the design transformation that is changing the nature of the workplace.

Selecting art at the conception of the design project is key in making a significant difference in the overall architectural plan and reaping the full benefits of biophilic art and design. Incorporating Fresco Photography can improve daily life and work, not only for its beauty, but for how it engages the senses and plays a role in our human connection and experience. Incorporating these flexible works of art in the built environment can help inspire, engage and improve the overall quality and have a positive impact on those who are part of the coworking space.

Since typically many people spend up to 90% of their time indoors in our culture, I am passionate about bringing the healing power of nature, culture and community into workspace, and believe it is needed now more than ever.

cell: U.S. 415 916 2003